He is smart, funny, good-looking and such a NICE guy.  We’re both married, so it won’t happen, but it sure doesn’t stop me from thinking about kissing him, exploring his body freely… I want to just GRAB him, kiss him, suck him, and fuck him!  

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  1. If you feel that way about him, he's probably picked up on it, and I wouln't be surprised if he felt the same way about you. If being married is going to stop you from fucking him, then do the next best thing. Being carelss with your skirt is innocent enough, and if he's interested at all, you're going to drive him absolutely crazy. Then at least  you'll both be in the same boat. A woman, with her legs and a skirt, can change the world. I'm quite sure you know, pussy is power... if you want it to be. He can only take so much, you know. It wouldn't be your fault if he put his hand on your leg. You can stop him. Maybe not quite as fast as you could. I don't know, what would it feel like, with his hand under your skirt, slowly moving up? You might not like it. You can stop him when he gets close to where he wants to be. Boy, your pussy is gonna be wet when you get home. You might like it... his hand under your skirt, I mean. You already said you want to "kiss him, suck him, and fuck him"... but you can't., because your married... But I really don't see anything wrong with just one little blowjob. You'll probably always wonder though, what it would have felt like if he ate your pussy. Maybe just one time for that, too. You don't have to do anymore than that. That's not gonna hurt anybody. Oh hell, do it. you deserve it. You're gonna stay wet, until you do. That's gotta be distracting... wet and horny, everyday... Just think how it will feel, when his hand gets to where you want it to be.  
    • why not come into work in a short skirt and heels lowcut blouse and lots of makeup tell your boss you have some boxs to move in the store room and take it from there babe.   If you do not try you will not know have a ball and askes him who the boss when you have his tool in your hands ha ha. 
      • You could come work for me.  I am funny smart good looking and a really nice guy.
    • I am in the same boat.I have always been a good girl.I never crossed the line too much.I follow the rules etc.I am married and so is he.I am 45 and he is 49.My husband is much older 59.I have been with my husband for 25 years.But I am not happy and realizing a lot of things.It never was right or the way it should be.He puts no effort in to me or anybody or anything.I have cried and I have talked and talked.Since I turned 40 it has gotten worse.I feel like I am getting old and running out of time.I am lonely.I spend a lot of time a lone and depressed.I have been threw a lot in my life and with my husband and daughter.I gave up everything.I devoted my life to them.I am more sexual now and more aroused now that I am older.I have never cheated.I haven't even went for a drink,held hands or kissed. Shit my husband doesn't even hold my hand much or kiss me good like I'm a woman.He never goes out with me,not to church,not to the store,not to my family or his,not even Mcdonalds and even that would make me happy.He does not spend time with me.It is like I am single.I spend a lot of time alone.I can not tell him thins.He is very critical and akes me feel beneath him etc.I can never forget anything or make a mistake.There are a lot of issues.I am not happy.But I am scared of change,being alone and taking chances.I have never been ion my on.I met him when I was 20 and he was 34.My boss is so attractive and built.He flirts with me all the time.I am flirting back too.He flirts kind of with other woman too and I don't care but mostly with me.He has been going further and further and more and more but I like it.He beats around the bush and want come right out and say he likes me or is attractive to me.He keeps trying to get me to tell him that.I want.He always trys to say he is joking,that he is not serious.He says he wants to bring me out of my shell,make me happy and smile.He knows about my situation etc.He even moved my location closer to him.Says he wants me close to him,wants to keep an eye on me.My location is actually easier too.He is easy on me.I even have been allowed longer breaks.He does not ask me for anything or say I have to repay him.He has not come out and said he really wants me or asked me out.He just suggest and takes it back.He jokes.I really am attracted to him.I have had a couple of crushes and thought other men attractive but never like this.I am so confused.Am I crazy or just bad.I think about him all the time.We work at a high school.I am a house keeper and he is the head custodian.I don't want to loose our jobs.I feel so nervous around him,stupid nervous. I am like a silly teenage girl.I have no control when it comes to him.I even get aroused when he flirts or even talks to me.I even get wet.I am tripping.If he was serious and actualy came out and told me he liked me and wanted to see me I would be in trouble cause I would. I dont want to wreck him or my marriage.I dont want to hurt anybody.I dont want marry and have his baby.I guess I want it all.I want a special friend,fun and excitement.I want that newness,passion and first time again.I want to feel young,pretty,and wanted.I want something different.I dont want him to leave his wife.But I dont want a one night stand but I would even accept that and that would probably be better.I think I could handle it.I have to work and love my job and coworkers.I am old school though and shy.I want come out either and tell him.I am also scared of rejection,change and chances.I am tired of being scared and lonely and sad.I also like him as a person and care for him and his well being and welfare.I think he does me too cause it's not all flirting.He talks to me,gives me advise and praise.I dont get what is happening.I really dig him.I use to have all these rules and would say I would never do this or that.The older I get the more I don't care.The less I see in black and white.I want something for me just once before time runs out.I am getting old.But I dont know how to do it.I am actually shy.He just brings out the bad girl in me and gets me going.If I tell him and he is just playing he may fire me,or be offended,reject me,and or feel uncomfortableI don't know what to do.I am so tired of not living and being bored and lonely.
  2. I work as an estate agent an my boss really isn't that much of a looker but I really find it a turn on considering putting it on her to see what happens  
  3. I want to fuck you too. If not at least lets take it to the limit and fool around as much as we can take! I won't tell.
  4. If you have those feelings, you should go with it. What hubby dont know wont hurt him. You only live once so you should explore your sexuality to the fullest.
    • I did it, and it was wonderful, for about six days.  Then I wanted him to be my master and me his mistress.  But he thought it was just sex and told me if I don't lke the arrangement to find another job. I really thought he was it.  So, here I am a stupid clerk, that will always be overlooked for a dumb 'hollywood' dream.  Girls, ladies, women, do not do it.   He has a whole world build up on him being MR. solid, with wife and kids.   You a just a appetizer in his lifes banquet.     Now if you just want to see him naked and then be shuttled away from any future careeer jobs go for it.
  5. I would suggest wear a skirt to work minus the panties. When its just the two of you alone, accidently give him a peek at that taco. Then make eye contact and maybe a little smile to show it wasnt really accidental. He will be rock hard and have you bent over his desk lickity split
  6. Im I the only one who thinks you're a fucking slut? and that i would love nothing more than showing this post to your husband so he can leave your ass and find someone better, like the coffee girl next to his job?

    I feel bad for your husband.
    • No, I completely agree with you. I don't know if you are a woman or a male, I am a male myself, but this is a PRIME EXAMPLE of trying to find true love in a world filled with trash. Now, you know why, next time you get dumped, cheated on, etc. etc. why love can be so "hard", of course, some people are not meant to be, right? No problem in moving on and finding another, after ENDING THE RELATIONSHIP. Welcome to a world full of selfish, disgusting, disrespectful, no morals, shallow, deceitful bastards.
  7. I feel the same way about my boss he is sooo attractive and funny and we flirt all the time. He hugs me and gave me a peck on the lips today and it is driving me wild! I know he is just playing me but he makes me so wet and I want his hot muscular body so much! We are both single though not married.
  8. Girl I know the feeling and I want to fuck mine too. He likes showing me his bbm's and emails and because most of the time I'll be sitting down at my desk and he will come around my chair and speaks close to my ear and neck. And that gets so wet, but I have a feeling he wants to fuck me just as bad.
    • My boss is so incredibly hot. Smart, strong, funny, in control and gets things done. So of course he is married and far too respectablee to fool around... Which just makes him even sexier. Recently in conversation with me alone he has mentioned some people he knows that are having affairs. He even mentioned one with a ten year age difference, which is what we are. I think he is just being friendly and outgoing, which is why he is the boss. But I still want to fuck him **ALL THE TIME**
  9. how big of a whore can you be? you don't deserve to be married.
    • You are so bloody annoying! I have never EVER cheated on my man who I have been with for a long time. But I fantasize about all sorts, like EVERYONE does! Why are you on this site if you dont have the hots for your boss? Fantasising and entering forums to try and fight it is not being a slut. Oh and by the way ladies, I think we may be turned on by the whole sub dom thing, hes our boss, hes the man, he tells us what to do. And we love someone having more power and control than us, otherwise they are beneath us.. sad but true. I think the last lady was right tho, it wont go anywhere good, he will either lose respoect for you and your job could be in jeopardy.. or.. you will fall in love with him and ultimately have to leave your job because you cant handle it anymore. I doubt he will ever leave his wife for his employee. Think about it from a 3rd persons perspective.. how would you see it if it were your friend? Even after Ive just said all of this, I still want to put my boss' head between my legs! :p
      • Lol!!!! I love the way u think:) we can all have our fantasies:) it's what we do with them that makes us who we are.... God knows I would LOVE to fuck my boss..... Ride him like a carnival ride till he can't take it anymore n I'm doing CPR on him:) but I can't..... It doesn't mean I don't imagine him pinning me to his desk, burrying his face in me...... Feeling his hand between my thighs and trying not to scream cuz he shares an office. Locking the bathroom door so he can put me on my knees and make me swallow the "medicine" he's offering..... Letting him fuck me from behind with my hair in his hands while he pounds into me. I'm usually in scrubs, but I never wear panties just in case he decides to come up behind me finally and find out I really am. Maybe ill go in on a day off to "chart" wearing a skirt n heels..... Low cut shirt that has "please fuck me" written all over it:) I know he knows I want to fuck him like mad...... But we are both better at blushing than giving into it
  10. I have the same problem, except it isn't legal. I'm only 16 and my boss is somewhere in his 20's and I think its so unfair because he is so hot. I don't want to do anything stupid sense this is my first job but he's so damn cute.
  11. Now that I know, I mean really know!!! Damn women, sit on my face then on my cock!!! I'm officialy adding to your job duties. Very personal sexratery!!!!!!!!!!
    • I know how you feel dear. My boss is a woman, but no matter what, I'll never get a chance. I'm just too old. I do get an occasional tease, cleavage and upskirt views. I believe she messes around with a married male colleague, but she steers clear of the support staff.
  12. Oh man... I would love if my boss just pinned me against the wall and started kissing me like crazy and then pick me up so I could wrap my legs around him. Then, I'd love to just fucking go at it and feel his dick so far up in me. Ugh, it's killing me how much I want my boss. He's funny, in control, smart, and just so fuckable. He's also an entrepeuner which makes me go fucking nuts - man what I wouldn't give for a bottle of red wine, a mattress, some rope (so he could tie me up of course), and me and him. Ahh, fantasies. Guess I'll go back to my normal life now and bake some fucking cupcakes for my husband....
  13. i agree with u my boss at my job it felt like to me he hit on me what ti mean by that is he rubbed my hand a certain way i liked it i allways wished he could shove his dick in me i wishi could tell him i know hes got a big dick
  14. i would act like ur boss txt me 985-969-9404
    • I want to fuck mine as well, he is so serious, and looks sometimes a little bit neglected and sad, but i know by experience these type of guys are soo horny, intellectual, smart, serious, responsible and stressed out guys love to have sex so they can relax, hmm my boss has a great body and is such a hot silver fox, he makes me so wet just to hear his manly voice or listen to him because he is so darn smart too...
      • I do too, but I'm self employed and I'd probably end up in love with myself, then I'd leave me and go off with some woman and end up miserable. Where would that lead?
  15. So Jill off in front of him, not cheating
  16. This is just sad...and the responses that everyone else have given are equally sad. Not only is it all immoral and unethical, but if you are going to have wild fantasies about someone else then why are you even married? Oh yeah that's right...because your hubby pays the bills. That's so cute! *Rolls eyes* People like you are the reason other people commit suicide.
    • People commit suicide because the want to commit suicide not because of the actions of other people. It's a lack if coping skills that makes it difficult to face the cruel world and coping skills are learned throughout life. And who says she doesn't pay the bills? I make more than my hubby and we both fantasize about sex acts with the opposite sex. He checks women out and I check men out. To be in denial of our attraction to others is to ignore reality. It's having the Will power not to stray that proves love and trust
  17. I am married. My husband has been away bcc he recently got a job out of town. We are selling our house and moving soon. Waiting on a buyer. Meanwhile, Ito the hots for a dept head in our company. He is married. He is chatty and funny/ a little nutty. My desk is outside his office. I fantasize about him and having wild sex with him All day long. He is 43 and was wearing some reading glasses "because the reports keep getting smaller fonts". So I coworker and I asked him how old he was. The next day, I bought a pair of reading glasses myself ( my son needed to dress up the next day at school) and showed it to him. He said "that's sexy!", I ignored what he Sassanid and went into his office with him. We talked about glasses for a bit, he tried mine on. And showed how the reports fonts were smaller and I said you are too young to be wearing those glasses. He said he was going to be buying anew pair, different. I said "those look good on you". He said nah and I said it again. On my way out, I touched his arm and said "I just didn't want you to think I was making fun of you the other day" and he said "nah, I don't care". I want to fuck his brains out so badly! I guess It might happen since he does think I look sexy... Fingers crossed!
  18. I feel the same way about my boss! He is such an alpha male and hella cute! I want to suck him and bite his neck press my full lips against his! I'am married, but to get a divorce then it's on! Sucking another dude off is personal, but when I daydream about his hot alpha azz I get wet! I cannot stand being around him cuz he makes my digits pop out! Lol